As part of the KYOCERA Partner Channel, Woodbank is able to offer support as well as over two decades of experience in document solutions. Through KYOCERA we have access to a wide range of products and solutions to enable businesses to work better, increase efficiency, reduce costs and make life easier whilst meeting business objectives.

We can offer you following products;

A3 Colour Multi-functionals

With colour printing, consistency is key. After all, why should the colour you printed yesterday be any different when you print them today? KYOCERA devices ensure consistency, time after time.

When it comes to black and white copiers and multi-functional products (MFPs), KYOCERA provides the industry’s most comprehensive line of award-winning low to high volume devices. These fully featured copy-centric units can be upgraded with optional print, scan and fax functions that improve the workflow and efficiency of any size business.


KYOCERA’s complete portfolio of reliable, high-value, Eco-Friendly network laser printers, deliver high-resolution output with crisp back and white text and colour graphics for any size workgroup.