Fear of change? Here’s 3 MPS conundrums solved!

Not sure if MPS, (Managed Print Services) is right for you and your business? Still have some reservations about making changes to your printing situation? No worries, it’s understandable and you’re not alone. Many decision makers are confused about what MPS really is and how it can help their business. We’re not going to dress it up, we just want to show you how easy it can be. Here are 3 of the most common conundrums, and we’ve taken the time to solve them!

No.1 MPS is too expensive

Many business owners are under the false impression that something with a fancy name like “Managed Print Services” is just another expensive commodity that they can’t afford. But, because one of the main goals of MPS is actually to help businesses achieve immediate and long-term cost savings, this is a relatively easy conundrum to solve. It’s as simple as this, a well-designed MPS program can actually save businesses printed related costs. In short, MPS really adds up to cost savings that businesses of all sizes can’t afford to miss.

No.2: MPS is more trouble than it’s worth

Some really don’t like change and they fear it. Many business owners are resistant to integrating MPS into their business environment because they believe it will disrupt the company’s current situation and will cause more trouble than it’s worth. MPS actually simplifies operations of the entire print fleet while minimising interruptions. MPS is designed to improve business processes and free up more of your employees’ time. No longer will your office managers have to spend time tracking down which printers need more toner, searching for model numbers, and calling in orders—that will all be done for them. And the IT staff won’t be tasked with performing printer repairs or maintenance. In these ways, MPS provides many benefits that significantly contribute to the performance of your critical business functions.

No.3: MPS is just another up-sell that I don’t need

Some top-level decision makers view MPS as just another unnecessary up-sell, but industry experts and many businesses owners who have implemented MPS know that it isn’t a scam, trend, or fad. It’s a legitimate business solution that actually saves companies money and improves efficiency throughout entire organisations. An MPS solution can easily resolve common inefficiencies in even the most complex print environments by integrating innovative and value-added solutions to correct very real, yet very solvable problems. If you take the time assess your business needs and print environment, most businesses discover that MPS offers a logical and cost-saving solution to improving your office environment.

With Managed Print Services, little changes to your print situation can make a big difference. 

Ask yourselves these simple questions;

  • Can your workflows be streamlined and/or automated?
  • Is your current print fleet sufficient, but deployed horribly wrong?
  • Do you need to upgrade some or all of your printers and copiers?
  • Are your documents secure on your network and via your equipment?

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