Is your print infrastructure consuming more IT resources than you realise?

Even in our faced-paced, high-tech world, print will always be an essential part of any business…

But what happens when your print infrastructure becomes difficult to manage and starts to consume too much of your IT resources?

Your IT department has way more important things to do than worry about analysing print activity and optimising your print environment. Let them focus on doing what makes your business great by simplifying the process with a fast, simple & secure managed print service from Woodbank!

A totally bespoke solution.

We assess your requirements so that we can provide a totally bespoke print solution that is completely tailored to your business. We can monitor your print requirements, usage, and maintenance issues remotely, keeping you up to date on what you need, when you need it.

Reduction of print costs.

Many companies don’t know exactly how much they spend on document processes, printing devices etc. or what their total cost of printing actually is.

Woodbank can establish and reduce the total cost of your office printing by reviewing, realigning, and controlling these costs. We’ll also replace the need to purchase cartridges with cost-per-copy or a contractual maintenance agreement.

Complete print security.

And finally, but most importantly, we ensure complete print security. Our secure print solutions allow staff to access only their own documents from a specific print device using swipe card identification. This not only protects company data but also eliminates the risk of lost, stolen or unorganised documents.

Woodbank offers a comprehensive audit to determine exactly how secure your printers and MFPs are and assess the level of risk your business is exposed to. We can then recommend and implement security solutions that protect and secure your organisation, ensuring that your confidential information stays confidential.

Want to know how your current print infrastructure can be improved with a fast, simple & secure Managed Print Solution from Woodbank?

Contact us to find out how our Managed Print Solution will help you!

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