Rethink Document Management with Filestar

“Finally, a cost-effective way to capture, store and retrieve your documents.”


Documents form the foundation of any successful business across all industries and the information they contain is the cornerstone to a business’s overall function and success. However, when these documents are misfiled or lost it can contribute to the waste of valuable resources, increased overheads, and poor service.

As an IT Manager, keeping digital order is part of the day-to-day business. So, having software that will merge seamlessly with your current environment coupled with high security, straight forward data migration and the choice between Cloud and On-Premise is extremely important. Cloud-based services are becoming more and more popular for many businesses wanting to keep up with the demands of their remote workforce.

This is where Filestar Document Management from our partner Konica Minolta comes in. By collecting document-specific metadata, Filestar files documents and improves search results. This cloud-based document management service is ideal for scanning and archiving your paper documents.

So… how does it work?

Filestar Cloud Connect App
This can be installed on a single PC/server within your business. The app runs quietly in the background and is responsible for uploading scans from your copier or scanner.
Scan from Your Copier or Scanner
Many scanners and copiers allow you to create Scan Profiles, allowing ‘one-touch’ scanning directly from the device. With the profiles set up, you don’t need to keep selecting or changing settings every time you need to scan something. Use a profile to perform a scan. The scanner now gives the file to the Filestar app. It’s as simple as that! Filed documents and the press of a button.
Paper to PDF
When the Filestar app detects a new file from the scanner, it begins to process it automatically (no user input is required – this all takes place behind the scenes.) Filestar can also be configured with rules to tell it how to deal with incoming scans. For example, you might want it to file documents differently depending on the scanner profile that was used, or you may want to split the scans into separate documents whenever it detects a specific barcode.
Send to The Cloud
Once the processing is complete, your document is sent securely to our cloud servers, automatically named and filed. If for whatever reason you lose your internet connection, the scanned document is stored locally on your PC and the Filestar app will upload it when the connection is restored. (The Filestar app can store the original copy of the scanned document on your server or storage device, indefinitely or for a set time.)
Search and View from Your Browser
Your document is now available for you and your users to browse, search and view (provided they have permission to do so) using your internet browser.
Document Life Cycle
Filestar’s Access Control features ensure that authorised-only users have access to search, edit and view documents. The built-in audit trail records document access and filing changes. The retention policy feature can be used to flag documents that need to be destroyed in line with your compliance requirements.
Working alongside an established Document Management Solution is a great tool for any productive organisation particularly, it’s IT Department. Filestar will ensure you remain compliant with recordkeeping regulations and avoid security risks and save on additional costs for printing, storing, maintaining and filing. So not only will you gain peace of mind that your team’s documents are safe and organised, but you will also be able to reduce the time spent on costly business administration tasks.

All of this will ultimately make sure your primary focuses are where they should be, on delivering enhanced customer service to your customers and streamlining the overall workflow and productivity for all departments within the company. The way it should be.

Woodbank currently offer free onsite content consultation, free proof of concept and free training! So contact us to find out how our Document Management Solution will help you.


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